DIY Project: Afghan Bag

It's always hard for me to find a bag that I really like so I decided to just make one for myself.

My idea is to use old clothes and create a nice patchwork bag. I found a really nice bag in Etsy for my inspiration:

It's made with Afghan hand-embroidered fabric which is very unique and colorful ~ just my taste. I used to have a similar-looking bag which I really loved. It was made in India, but the design is close to this one. I used it throughout college and for years after that - until it looked like a rag! Here's a picture of it (circa 2006):

 I want to recreate that kind of bag and here's what I have come up with as my pattern:

The style is basically a combination of the two bags - a hobo convertible bag! Now, it's time to look for used fabric. I'll keep you posted with updates.

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