Educational Field Trip: Traditional vs. Modern

The single time of the school year when serial latecomers arrive in school before the break of dawn. Yes, it's field trip day! Class field trips or educational tours are conducted annually in my son's school.

Moms my age would probably agree when I say field trips during our time consisted of a day-long bus ride, with stops to historical landmarks such as Kawit in Cavite, Calamba in Laguna, UPLB and Intramuros in Manila.

These days - at least in my son's school - the annual activity seems to be more geared towards a team building type of excursion than an homage to textbook destinations. Is you kid's school following the same trend?

Budget Travel Abroad: How I Do It

Travel is usually perceived as a luxury, mainly because of the expense it entails. On my last trip abroad, I am proud to report that I have 100% resisted the temptation of over spending - woot woot! Let me indulge for a second here when I say: I'm feeling like a budget ninja!

Can you imagine the nightmare of being greeted by fat bills after coming home from a trip? Sure, you probably thought you spent that money wisely whilst fine dining in a place where no one knew your name. But now that the vacay's over, it's not turning out to be the smoothest financial decision. No amount of Instagram likes will bring that money back.

Let me share with you some things I did to avoid racking up my travel expenses: