Where To Buy Cheap Mason Jars

The Mason Jar craze has not passed. Actually, I think it's here to stay, as long as the creatives from Pinterest keep on churning out new and inspiring ways to use it.

Ball mason jars in bulk at Handyman

The hunt is on to get the cheapest Mason Jar in town. Here is my previous post about it. But 'Ball' is not the only available kind in the market.
My prized blue-green bicentennial Ball Mason Jars (IDEAL) displayed in a bathroom shelf. Just showiing off here ;p

Have you heard of other types like Kerr, Golden Harvest and the dollar store kind, Frutta del Prato?

Kerr, Ball and Golden Harvest (with water stain)

Kerr mason jars have been around for a while, too (just like Ball), but they are less popular in the Philippines. I have a couple of Kerrs and Golden Harvest in possession, which I bought years ago (before the mason jar popularity boom) from HMR.

Frutta del Prato 'Ice Cold Drink' handled jar bought very recently in Uni-Top for P78 apiece

The Frutta del Prato jars, I've only heard from cheap DIY blogs, and they're supposed to be available in friendly neighborhood Dollar Stores in the US. They're like a lower-end version of the real thing. Imitation? I don't think so. Maybe, there was just a need for a cheaper kind. Besides, they didn't imitate the brand. I actually found where one can get a hold of them. So, I'm sharing these with you.

1. Preserving jars - Robinson's department store (home section). They have the jars in different sizes.
2. Handled jars with lid - Uni-Top department store (kitchen section). Unitop is like NUVO/NOVO - a Divisoria style department store (pang-masa).
3. If I remember correctly, UB (P66 Peso Store), that sister shop of Japan Home Store also sells some.

I also saw some generic handled jars with silver lid in Uni-Top. That's the ones with no brand and no design at all, which makes for a great canvas - imagine: wedding souvenirs, Christmas giveaways, or monogrammed for home use.

Cool, right? Did you find other similar jars elsewhere? Share them by commenting below!


  1. Hi! Thanks for sharing this article! I am into DIY projects and I am also looking for other places to buy Mason Jars for my upcoming projects until I saw your article. I bought my Mason Jar at Daiso Japan for 88Php per Jar.

    Anyway, thanks for this article! I'll try to drop by at Handyman to look for it! <3

    1. @Rann

      Thanks so much for sharing your Mason Jar find :)

  2. Thanks for sharing about the mason jars! I have a lot of friends who're going crazy with these and I'll let them know your suggestions. ;-)


  3. You might be able to grab cheap Ball jars when there's a sale in Handyman... like 50% off their P1050 dozen wide mouthed quart/pint jars --> P525...