Ball Mason Jar Supplier in Manila

The growing trend of organic living and, not to mention, of posting one's involvement to it on Instagram has spurred the popularity of Ball Mason Jars as of late. They're very photogenic, I must say! A quick trip to Pinterest should get you itching to buy some for yourself.

Oh, the many possibilities!

Mason jars are American preserving jars used in the turn of the century, and has now sealed its place as an all-around DIY-wife must-have. There has been an increased visibility of these glass jars in online shops, selling for as much as P200 (~$3.50) apiece.

So, where to get them at a more reasonable price? I read somewhere that you can find Ball Mason Jars in Divisoria but I've been there numerous times and I didn't find any.

Anyway, if a China version is available, I still won't recommend it. Because, as a preserving jar, legit Ball Mason Jars are able to withstand high temperatures. I bet a fake one - if it exists, I have yet to discover (although iPhone and Samsung clones are out there, so who knows?) - as I was saying, I bet a fake one would shatter in the microwave the minute you try to sterilize it.

There really is no secret here. If you've been out there, you'd know that Ball Mason Jars can be bought at your friendly neighborhood Ace Hardware or Handyman stores. You'd have to get them in bulk, though - a box of 12. The price per piece calculates to about P80 ($2) each.

I've seen Robinson's Department Store sell them by piece lately, and the price is as good as getting them from the bulk.

So, there you go! No more weeping over over-priced glass jars. Heck, if you go to your local junk shop, you can get odd-shaped deco bottles there, too for a much, much cheaper price ;) I'm just saying. 


  1. where'd you get them? branch / location?

    1. @Sam

      These were photographed in Robinsons Place Manila department store :)

  2. thanks for this, ive been scanning the net, and found 200+ peso prices so high. i bought one from dunkin donut for only 55 pesos when i bought dunkin drink.

    1. Yes, that's right! The Dunkin' Jars have handles and have a DD logo. It's on limited release only, though :) Thanks for the input!