You know you're domesticated when...

I was at the market buying vegetables when I chanced upon a bundle of french beans for P10! What a steal! Finding a foreign vegetable in the local market is really rare. Only groceries - those with refrigerated shelves -are known to carry foreign produce like beets, zucchini, alfalfa and the like.

On another market trip, I found zucchini and taiwanese bok-choy. SCORE!

So. You know you're domesticated when you go to the local market (not the supermarket) to buy fresh veggies and be raving about it!

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  1. Beets (sugar beets) are grown in Trinidad (next to Baguio), I've seen those in Baguio but not sure where to find them in Manila. You must've heard of, just in case you haven't, they deliver fresh organic veggies around MM. :)