Semi-Permanent Vacation

Ayo! Greetings from the City of Smiles, Cebu!

This is probably the first time I'll mention this. My kid's dad and I are not exactly a couple. Let's just say that our relationship falls into the 'it's complicated' category.

But everything is good. We're friends and I let my kid get to know him as dad. He is based in Cebu while Hann and I live in Manila.

Every once in a while, when he can't fly to Manila to see Hann, we pack our bags and take an extended vacation to Cebu. We're here staying in his new place in Lapu-lapu City Mactan (more about it on the next post).

We'll be here for a couple of weeks to celebrate his birthday on the 16th; a consolation because he missed Christmas and New Year with the kid. Aside from that, we're also here for the City's annual Sinulog Festival! So far, Hann hasn't missed Sinulog since he was born.

The Sinulog grand parade is scheduled on January 20. I hope Hann is ready for it, because he's gonna have to walk now. The past years, we lugged him around on a backpack carrier. But he's outgrown that, so it's time to man (toddler) up!

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