No Regrets, No Resolutions

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Happy 2013! This year, instead of making resolutions, I'd just go straight to making a to-do list.

Last Christmas, Santa gave me my dream machine - it was a Homemaker sewing machine I've been eyeing for months. It's missing a few parts but I hope I can easily find replacements to get the sewing started! So expect to see more DIY projects on this space soon. :)

I've also been a good Santa to my kid who received some new clothes, snacks, toys, an electric toothbrush and a learning book (like this one). His favorite Christmas gift were the Hot Wheels Color Shifters cars his Tita Bom and Tito Sherwin gave. The Thomas the Train starter set and Jeepney 'eyes' tee tied in second place.

2012 zoomed by so fast, I still can't believe it's behind me now. The new year is also a reminder that I'm about to turn another year older (the big three-oh!). Well, okay, it isn't until September, but the additional digit looms like a vulture patiently waiting for its prey.

Speaking of prey, I had quite an unfortunate post-Christmas accident that landed my finger 6 mini shots of anesthesia and 4 stitches. I was washing a drinking glass and it broke while my hand was inside it. I also got 2 anti-tetanus shots for the whole ordeal. What a way to end 2012, right?

But overall, 2012 has been good to me, despite its doomsday threats. My stitches had just been removed yesterday. Now, I cross my fingers - figuratively - that they heal fast so I'll be fit enough for my upcoming Cebu trip. Looking forward to that, and all the new things I will learn and create for 2013. Cheers to the New Year!

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