Kota Kinabalu City Tour-ing


After climbing Mt. Kinabalu, we still had 3 more days to spend in Kota Kinabalu in Malaysian Sabah. Legs sore and bodies still aching, we didn't pass on the opportunity to explore the city. Our group took to the streets and went sightseeing on foot.

The city center was probably just 2 kilometers wide. We saw the Jesselton Port, the City hall, walked the Sunday market (more on this on my next post), the night market, hunted down the ukay-ukay (second-hand clothes bazaar), mazed through the fish market, the Filipino market and mall hopped.

Some of our friends decided to go to Manukan Island for a day. I didn't feel like joining as there are plenty of beautiful islands in my home country anyway.

On one of the malls I visited, the Centerpoint Mall, I chanced upon a crystal shop. What caught my attention was this bowl of mixed tumbled gemstones and a sign that says "One Handful RM10". I looked at the selection and was immediately compelled to buy some. I just knew that I could use those tumbled semi-precious stones for something.

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