November Thrift Haul

Here in Everyday Kim, I like to share good bargains and thrifted stuff that are really worth spending dough on.

October was all about clearance sales - a great marketing tactic to give way to the upcoming holiday collection. I didn't pass up the chance to grab some great deals. Besides, it's the ideal month to finish checking off the Christmas list! Yes, apparently it should've been started since January...

Some sales go on until November. So here we go:

Still hungover from my China H&M shopping streak, I got these from the H&M 1st anniversary (#HMPHTurnsOne) SALE:

  • star pattern fitted sheet P699 P300
  • nude flats P599 P200
  • boys blue pants (pamasko for the kiddo) P599 P300
  • boys onesie P349 P150
  • infant outfit set P599 P200

Okay, I'm not done. I must've gone back to the store 3 times in a span of one week!
  • kids floral socks P349 P50
  • Marvel socks P499 P150
  • Boys basic socks P499 P200
  • 3 x Infant socks P199 P50
Now, this may be a little OCD to some of you, but I just loooove seeing money saved this way...
  • Total purchases P1700 (Orig price tag: 4789). Saved: 3089. 
If exreme couponing is allowed this part of the world, I'd be up to my neck in stock piles!

Bangladesh surplus find!
This next piece is an H&M bandeau top I got from a Bangladesh surplus shop for P100 apiece! Imma keep one of these for the Boracay trip scheduled Feb 2016!

More Christmas stocking fillers came from the Cotton On sale, P199 P40 per pair. My fetish for socks is showing, huh?

Lastly, I got the Chrismas scent hand soap from Watson's on sale at P149 P129 (buy 1 take 1). Call me weird or cheap, but I actually use this as body wash. Relax, guys, it's made from the same stuff - just labeled differently.

Anyway, my Chrismas shopping list is not even half-accomplished, so there's still some good buys out there that I can share in the next few...

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