The Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur Saga

Let me tell you about this product I can't live without.  It comes in different names - hair serum, hair repair, detangler - basically, it's like leave-on hair conditioner.

My hair happens to be the type that forms too much body due to humidity. It's the very reason I keep the pony as my everyday hairstyle - until I was introduced to Schwarzkopf Gliss Kur.
Using ordinary conditioner in the shower is not my thing. Don't you hate the greasy feeling specially when the product drips down your back while you rinse it? So, when my friend first introduced this Schwarzkopf spray thing she got from Germany and told me it made her hair feel smooth, I was excited to give it a try.

It was uh-mah-zing! My hair felt like it was blow-dried and it was silky smooth as I ran my fingers through it. Plus, it smelled great - as if I'd just walked out of a salon! I never left home without it -- until it ran out (gasp)!

After searching everywhere (even online), I had to accept that Gliss Kur was nowhere to be bought in the country. I had It's time to look for other options.

The first alternative I found was a Garnier Fructis detangler, bought at a PX beauty store. It was ok in de-tangling the hair but it was a little heavy on the head and I wasn't too fond of the fruity smell - but used it up anyway.

Then, Sunsilk came out with their new co-creations line. They made home treatment serums and hair butters. I tried out their spray-on product which looked similar to Schwarzkopf's, which had a clear liquid layer and a foamy oil layer you shake to incorporate.

The verdict? It was blah... It didn't do a great job and I hated the smell! You had to spray on a ton to make the hair soft and by that time you'd be concerned about the buildup it could cause on your scalp. Ew.

Thankfully, I discovered where to get my refill of Gliss Kur - I now have them shipped from China (through my sister who works there). Problem solved!

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