Entering a New Realm: Freezer Cooking

Say what? Freezer Cooking or Freezer Food/Freezer Meals. Basically, the idea is to cook food in bulk, chuck it in the cold storage and just re-heat things come meal time. It saves time, effort and money. Yipee!

Lumpiang shanghai, ready for deep freeze

Most work at home moms (WAHMs) have busy days, much like any corporate slave out there. There are times when we just can't whip up a nice meal that doesn't come from a can.

In some countries, there are freezer foodie groups that meet periodically to exchange frozen home-cooked food that range from soups, main course meals, slow-cooked specialties and even desserts!

Our decade-old G.E. refrigerator!

In the 10 or so years of coexistence with our General Electric fridge, the top freezer only reaches its full capacity on 3 occassions:
  • after a supermarket trip 
  • a day before hosting a party
  • during the holidays. 
I read somewhere that it's important to maximize the capacity of a freezer by keeping it full - even with just ice - to save on electricity and keep its motor running in top shape.

Frozen pancakes - just pop 'em in the toaster!

I've had some experience in freezer prepping - I would come home from a grocery trip and marinate things before storing, like homemade chicken nuggets, barbecue pork, lemongrass chicken and beef tapa. Doing so still requires a bit of work before meal time  - thawing, cooking, garnishing, and such.

In freezer cooking, there's only little work left to do - mostly just heating up the food. I'm all set to take on this new challenge! I intend to plan week-long meals and snacks - starting with frozen pancakes! They're still nice and moist after popping them in the toaster. 

Are you already into freezer cooking? Don't be shy to share your tips by leaving a comment below.

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