DIY: How To Make Mung Bean Sprout At Home

I have some left over Mung beans from this recipe, so what to do...?

Lightbulb moment!

Bean sprouts after 24 hours

I've always wanted to make beansprouts on my own since I heard unsanitary stories of how these are made in the commercial market. Some rumors involved using stinky, old Good Morning Towels.

I remember my mom doing a couple or so batches a few years ago, using paper towel, but I thought taking the sprouts off the paper towel when they're ready wasn't so easy either.

Anyway, a quick browse in Pinterest got me started on doing it this way.

1. Soak the beans in a couple of inches of water using a glass container for 4 hours.

*They say two tablespoons is enough to fill a Mason jar once the beans sprout. I like to cook Asian food, so I used a large pitcher :)

2. Drain the water and cover your your container with cheesecloth or coffee filter (I used the latter).

3. Keep the receptacle upside down to make sure excess liquid is drained off. Cover with a dark cloth (to keep sunlight away).

4. Rinse with water and drain twice-a-day for about 4 days or until your beans sprouts are long enough for your taste.

This sprouter kit may also be helpful:

I just started this today, so I'll show you the end result in a few days! I'm excited. Are you?

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