DIY Project: Towel Cupcake/Sundae Souvenirs

Here's something I did a while back, on my son's first birthday (he is turning 4 this year). I've always been the type who would DIY anything that can be D-I-Y-ed in a party.

At that time, giving cupcake towels as party giveaways were still new. Not a lot of people were doing it then. You'd have to look hard to find a seller that does it.

Anyway, even if it's everywhere these days, I think it's still a good idea to make the souvenirs yourself. I mean, you don't know how others make it.

Once, I received a well-presented towel cupcake. The packaging was gorg and the design even had a ceramic baby topper. But when I opened it, the decorations were permanently glued to the towel. I managed to remove them (except for the hot glue), but then I unfolded the towel and it wasn't usable at all. It was as if somebody took a towel, tore it in pieces and rolled the pieces nicely to make the cupcake.

So much for that. This project cost me just around P12 each. The actual output was more of a towel sundae, than a cupcake because I used kid-sized face towels. No glue used on the towels here, so all towels can be used by the recipient :)

How to Make a Towel Cupcake/Sundae

What you'll need:

How to do it:
  1. Fold each towel diagonally (it will turn from square to a triangle).
  2. Roll the towel starting from the widest portion.
  3. Now, you have a tubular towel. Roll it sideways and pull out the end that falls into the center to make the 'sundae' shape.
  4. (Skip steps 4-5 if you're getting this instead). Cut the wrapping paper slightly diagonally into strips around 3 inches wide. This is to make sure that the stripes of your 'wafer' will also be at an angle.
  5. Roll the wrapping paper strip and secure the loose end with a glue. You should now have something that looks like a big wafer or drinking straw. Cut this long straw info 3 inch portions.
  6. Stick the "Happy Birthday" confetti onto the ice cream spoons using hot glue.
  7. Assemble the 'sundae' onto you the baking cups/liners.
  8. Next, place about an inch of double sided tape inside the plastic cups.cupcake dome/box. These should help secure the cupcake liners.
  9. Add a personalized sticker label before you give 'em away!

There you  have it. 9 steps look complicated, but it really isn't! I should make a video tutorial next time. these souvenire would also look good in a real deal cupcake stand.

Have you tried to make something like this before? Tell me all about it by leaving a comment!

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