Hann's 3rd Birthday

Today is my kid Hann's 3rd birthday. I didn't plan anything big for him because it's a weekday, but we'll definitely have a nice party-feel lunch come this weekend. I'm talking balloons, cake and ice cream!

Still, I didn't want to let this day slip by like an ordinary day so I brought Hann to the local Children's Museum (Museo Pambata). He had a great time there because most of the exhibits are hands-on.

After that we had lunch at a Japanese sushi bar, Sakae Sushi. We had eaten there a couple of times before and I knew he liked it there because they serve their kiddie meal on a Shinkansen train which is so cute!

When we finished, he asked to go to the toy store so I took him to Toys R' Us. He loves looking at the train track set-up there and all the different cars on display. We ended up buying 2 sets of Mini Roller Buses and a Hot Wheels Color Shifters Car.

He was so excited he insisted that we go home right after I paid for the toys so he can open the packages and start playing with them. Note: I taught him not to open purchases until we get home (except for food).

Here's the exact car that I got him: Chevy '57

Now I can't wait for the weekend and see the excitement on his face when we celebrate his birthday for real!

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